Class Syllabus

University of La Verne · Music Fundamentals 101

Class Syllabus

  • This class is a very basic introduction for total beginners who are interested in learning the fundamental basics of music. We will cover some very easy to learn materials including how to read and write notes, rhythms and how chords and intervals are constructed.

  • We will also spend time learning basic ear training and develop some ideas and mental tools to learn how to hear music more analytically.

  • The textbook for this class is available to purchase or rent from the ULV Bookstore:    Principles of Music –  Philip Lambert, Oxford University Press, 2014. ISBN 978-0-19-997556-3

  • We will proceed step-by-step through this book chapter by chapter at the pace of the class, not on a fixed program schedule.  This allows for beginners to really learn and understand the basic fundamentals of music very thoroughly without getting behind.

  • All homework assignments are from the book and also separate class assignments/PDF handouts available on this website as downloadable PDF files.

  • Most of all the work and literature for this class are taken directly from the book and many assignments are downloadable PDF files so be sure you have a working printer available at all times.

  • One of the important requirements for this class is that you attend class on time and take notes.  Attendance is mandatory for this class and excessive absences can negatively impact your grade or cause you to be dropped from the class.

  • The University Faculty approved a new course attendance policy Spring 2015 to be effective Fall 2015 for all undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty now have the ability to request a student to be dropped or withdrawn from a class for non-attendance.  This is at each faculty member’s discretion. See page 56 of the 2015-16 catalog or the Office of the Registrar Web page for the complete policy. (Full text with new policy statement is in the addendum.

  • Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:55am to 9:45 am in the Keyboard Lab located in the Music Annex Building.

  • The Music Annex building is located right on 3rd st just North of Wilson Library.

The final grade will be a combination of points from all of these requirements:

  • Attendance – You must attend class on time and take notes. Only two excused absences are allowed. Three or more absences can negatively impact your grade. (See policy on page 56 of catalog).

  • Homeworks – Homeworks are due at the end of each month. Last day for late homeworks is the last day of class.

  • Quizzes – Quizzes and tests are an important part of your grade – so it is important to attend class, take notes, study the materials and memorize it.

  • Mid Term Exam – Mid term exam usually given at the halfway point of the class.

  • Final Exam – Per university final exam schedule.  No iPads or Cellphones allowed. Cellphones must be turned in at the beginning of the exam and retrieved when complete.